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Woven fabrics and composites for automotive decoration

GB/T 33389-2016 Main drafting organization

Knitted and composite fabrics for automotive decoration

GB/T 33276-2016  Main drafting organization
Experimental method for performance of automotive interior materials(Substitute for QC/T 236-1997)QC/T 236-2019   Main drafting organization
Textile materials for automotive interiors - Determination of volatile organic compounds  Box method  GB/T 42704-2023Main drafting organization

Safety technical requirements for specialized school buses

(Substitute for GB 24407-2009) GB 24407-2012

GB 24407-2012  Participating drafting organization
Strength of Special Primary School Bus Seats and Vehicle Fixtures GB 24406-2009 Participating drafting organization

Main invention

Patent number

Dyeing process of wool, silk, and soybean fiber woven fabrics 

Full-automatic fabric hanging machine for large capacity thick fabric  ZL201110141505.6

A preparation method for antistatic/luminous dual function low elasticity wire  


Processing device for bonding functional powder with polyester filamen


A polyester fiber with catalytic degradation function and its preparation method 

A highly flame-retardant and antistatic shaped hollow colored polyester fiber and its preparation methodZL201710845964.X
A high flame-retardant fine denier shaped hollow colored polyester fiber and its preparation method ZL201710846065.1
A high elasticity and different shrinkage colored polyester composite fiber with air and moisture permeability and its preparation method ZL201710845989.X
Preparation method for a water-repellent, oil-repellent, anti-fouling, anti-UV polyester fabric ZL201810827870.4
Preparation method for a plasma-assisted superhydrophobic polyester fabricZL201810827866.8
A colored polyester deodorizing fiber ZL202010035206.3
A preparation method for washable superhydrophobic polyester fabric         ZL202010103410.4
A washable, waterproof, breathable, and moisture-permeable protective fabric ZL202010119315.3
A preparation method for automotive interior microfiber fabric ZL202110411082.9
Antibacterial fabric and its production process   ZL201811359226.5
A method for reducing the discoloration rate of light-colored polyvinyl chloride synthetic leather ammonia   ZL202110434684.6

Protect undertaken

Double rapier velvet jacquard automotive seat interior fabricNational Torch Program Project
Project for highly elastic and environmental-friendly automotive interior fabricNational Torch Program Project
High extension 3D embossed automotive interior fabric  National Torch Program Project
Highly extended and wear-resistant automotive door panel fabric  Jiangsu Provincial Torch Plan Project


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2015 Quality Management System


2015 Environmental Management System Certification


2018 Energy Management System Certification


2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

IATF 16949

2016 Quality Management System

Management System Evaluation of the Integration of Informatization and Industrialization

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