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The Science and Technology Innovation Center was established in 2004 and is the core institution for product design, research, and innovation of KDTECH. It is an integrated R&D platform for the Jiangsu Provincial enterprise technology center, engineering technology research center, and industrial design center, and has a postdoctoral innovation practice base in Jiangsu Province.

The center has an R&D team led by doctoral and master's degrees with a reasonable professional structure and innovative spirit. Based in the local market, with the vision of "innovation leading, becoming a leading automotive interior material design and research innovation center in China and with international competitiveness", it provides entire process solutions and design services that focus on consumer demand, including forward-looking trend research, color and texture design, product performance testing, material process innovation research and development, product process development, and digital design for interior materials for vehicles and automotive electronic trim products.

The center has undertaken multiple national and provincial scientific and technological R&D projects, drafted and formulated multiple national and industry standards, and has nearly 200 inventions and utility model patent achievements. An array of its independently developed products has been utilized by renowned domestic and international car brands.


Postdoctoral Workstation

The postdoctoral research workstation has improved its technology level and independent innovation ability of the enterprise’s products by attracting high-level innovative talents, thereby enhancing its research and development. The company's postdoctoral research workstation actively works with relevant universities, research institutes, and overseas design institutions to build its own R&D system. At the same time, it promotes the strategic alliance between industry, academia, and research, cultivating and enhancing the innovation ability of professional and technical talents for the enterprise and enhancing the cultivation of its talent team. The company has been awarded the title of "Doctor of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship in Jiangsu Province" and is supported by the "China Postdoctoral Science Foundation".


National Accreditation Laboratory (ISO/ICE17025:2005 National Accreditation Laboratory)

The testing center is mainly responsible for testing raw material performance, product performance, and sample analysis, collecting and organizing testing conditions and data, assisting the standardization research laboratory in formulating technical standards, ensuring the quality of products from development to finished products, and meeting customer needs. The center has imported internationally advanced testing equipment from Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland, and other countries, including atomization test chambers, dyeing firmness testers, rub resistance testers, and pilling and fuzzing testers. Now it has six laboratories for aging, constant temperature and humidity, flame retardancy, chemistry, and color discrimination, and the testing standards meet the technical quality requirements of European, American, Japanese, and Korean brands, independent brands, new energy vehicles, high-speed trains, and aircraft interior materials. It has been recognized by third-party testing capabilities by automotive OEMs such as General Motors and Chery.

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