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Sito Microelectronics Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. (a joint venture and main investment enterprise for RF filters) was registered and established in June 2020 with a registered capital of 800 million RMB. KDTECH Group Co., Ltd. holds 45.63% of its equity and is its largest shareholder. Sito Microelectronics Technology has established a joint venture, NDK SAW Devices Co., Ltd. (NSD), by acquiring the Filter IDM business unit of Nippon Denshi Industries Co., Ltd. (NDK).

The company focuses on the RF filter business based on the RF front-end and riding on the trend of rapidly developing 5G technology. It has laid a solid foundation for semiconductor and RF front-end applications, benchmarking international cutting-edge technology processes and standards, and focusing on the production, manufacturing, and sales promotion of its self-owned brand SAW filters. Now its main products have been sold in Japan, Europe, and America. The products can be applied to the Internet of Things, automobiles, network devices, smartphones, computers, cameras digital home appliances, and other fields. In the future, the company will focus on expanding production, research and development, and sales in the Chinese market, striving to make SAW filters a professional brand with excellent quality and first-class technology.


Link: The official website of Xintou Micro Company (www.sitorf. com)

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