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Specification range: 600-1600g/㎡

Product characteristics:

① High light resistance, high wear resistance (can meet the requirements of 1kg and 30,000 times of Xuezhen wear resistance), and high flame retardancy;

② Low temperature, pollution, and aging resistance;

③ Low odor, atomization, and VOC, easy to shape and process, meeting various environmental and non-toxic standards for clothing, automotive interior parts, and other standards;

④ Featured products: Coated bottomless PVC leather, suede style PVC leather, and high touch leather.

Application: suitable for car seats, door panels, instrument panels, sunshades, blinds, armrests, seat backboards, etc.


Specification range: 450-550g/㎡

Product characteristics:

① No use of organic solvents, environmentally friendly and safe;

② Light weight, good elasticity, and touching and flexible like natural leather;

③ High flame retardancy, high wear resistance, and scratch resistance;

④ Low VOC, TVOC, odor, and volatility;

⑤Good stain resistance, aging resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and weather resistance.

Application field: Suitable for home furnishing, shoe making, automotive and rail transit interior decoration, sports equipment, etc.

Microfiber PU

Specification range: 650-1000g/㎡

Product characteristics:

①Using water-based solvent-free PU, environmentally friendly and safe;

②Having a tissue structure comparable to natural leather;

③Good stain, aging, hydrolysis, and weather resistance.

Application field: Suitable for car seats, door panels, instrument panels, armrests, etc.

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