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Woven plain cloth

Specification range: 80-500g/㎡

Product characteristics: Tight texture, smooth surface, not easily deformed, and good wear resistance.

Application field: mainly used in automotive seat trimmings, accessories, and anti-noise fabrics, door panels, armrests, trunk, sun visors of car interiors, and outdoor sunshades, umbrellas, sofas, office chairs, etc.

Woven flannel

Specification range: 500-900g/㎡

Product Features: Fine and dense velvet texture, flexible pattern changes, customizable.

Application field: mainly used for seat covers on passenger cars and high-speed trains.

Woven jacquard

Specification range: 200-700g/㎡

Product features: Flexible pattern changes, rich color combinations, good wear resistance, and wide adaptability.

Application field: Mainly used in areas such as car seat materials, curtains, and sleeping beds, and also suitable for seat covers on high-speed trains and airplanes, as well as soft bags for sofas and furniture.

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