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  • Colored polyester fiber
  • Multifunctional fiber

Colored polyester FDY

Specification range: 75D-300D

Product characteristics: Good light-resistant performance, high strength, smooth and soft, neat and stylish, good wrinkle resistance, strong and hard to break.

Application fields: automotive interior, clothing, home textiles, military and other industries.

Colored polyester DTY

Specification range: 75D-1200D

Product characteristics: It not only has the fluffiness and good elasticity of deformed silk, but also achieves different curls, different elasticity (low, medium, high), mixed illusory colors, diverse network, and has the characteristics of high wear resistance and high strength.

Application fields: automotive interior, clothing, shoe materials, home textiles, and home decoration.

Colored polyester ATY

Specification range: 75D-3200D

Product characteristics:

① Adopting different deformation process conditions to make air textured silk have the appearance and touch of wool, cotton, hemp, or silk;

② Mix fibers while deforming. Raw silk can be different types of composite fibers, such as polyester and nylon, polyester and viscose, polyester and sheep blended fibers.

Application fields: automotive interior, home decoration fabrics (such as curtain fabrics, sand release, pillow, cushion), clothing, military industry, etc.

Colored island composite microfiber

Specification range: Island component ratio: 65% -85%    Island number: 16 islands, 37 islands, customizable

Product characteristics: Extremely high fiber coverage ability, fibers are more soft, waterproof, breathable, and warm.

Application field: The products produced by island fiber are suitable for making suede and peach skin fabrics, artificial leather-based cloth, high-grade filter materials, high-performance cleaning cloth, etc.

Recycled and recyclable polyester

We've obtained GRS certification, abbreviated as the Global Recycling Standard for Textile and Clothing, which is a validation standard established by the International Union for Environmental Management (CU) for recycled fibers. With this certificate, KDTECH Fiber's green production is "on par with the world level" and can provide customers with globally recognized GRS tags.

High sun exposure polyester

Product characteristics:

① Adopting a UV-resistant and aging-resistant formula to meet the weather-resistance testing needs of different customers;

② Used to prevent the damage of light and heat to polymer materials, extend the service life of products, ensure that products can be used in harsh conditions such as wind, rain, and sunlight without worries, and achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Application areas: automotive interior, outdoor sunshades, boat covers, outdoor sofas, etc.

Antibacterial polyester

Product characteristics:

① By adopting slicing modification, we break the bottleneck of masterbatch modification, while making polyester antibacterial, moisture absorption and quick drying, anti-static, and far-infrared;

② All tested strains meet the standards with less than 50 times of washes. The inspection basis and method are in accordance with GB/T 20944.3-2008 Evaluation of Antibacterial Performance of Textiles.

Application areas: trains, sailboats, outdoor tents, curtains for home use, sofas, pillows, etc.

Flame retardant polyester

Product characteristics: 

Flame-retardant polyester is a phosphorus-based flame-retardant fiber, which is a special functional yarn that can prevent or delay flame combustion. It is featured with high-temperature combustion resistance and water resistance. The oxygen index can reach over 32.

Application fields: automotive interior, train seat fabric, cinema seat fabric, home textile fabric, military industry, etc.

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